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We love the work that we do and know the privilege it is to work with you inside your home, so we thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves for you to get to know us better!

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The owner

Natasha Leger-Patry

Introducing Nat!
Your kindhearted painting and cleaning aficionado!
Hailing from beautiful Montreal but now proud to call Calgary home for over a decade, Nat has fallen in love with the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. With a paintbrush in hand, she has serenaded countless walls with vibrant colors, creating a symphony of beauty in clients' homes.

As the owner and a skilled painter within the LPainters crew, Nat brings over 20 years of experience and an unwavering eye for detail to every project. Whether it's a residential oasis or a bustling commercial space, Nat and her team deliver top-quality results with a blend of precision, efficiency, and attentiveness that will make you beam with pride.

Recently, Nat's business underwent a transformative rebranding and marketing campaign. The newly crafted logo, featuring the initials of her family name, Leger-Patry, shaped like a heart, holds a profound meaning. It symbolizes Nat's deep connection to people, expressing her kindhearted nature and genuine care for her clients and their spaces.
When she's not transforming spaces or coordinating her talented crew, Nat embraces life's adventures. You can find her hiking through nature's wonders, gracefully navigating serene waters on a stand-up paddleboard or kayak, immersing herself in the joys of camping, salsa dancing with infectious energy, or even exploring the rhythmic beats of the drums.

For all your painting and cleaning needs, trust Nat's expertise and kindhearted approach. Prepare to witness the magic of color and cleanliness unfold, guided by a professional who not only understands your vision but also connects with you on a personal level. Nat's commitment to excellence and her genuine warmth will ensure a delightful experience from start to finish.


Tiko LP

My name is Tiko and I am the only 4-pawed painter of the crew. Just joking, I am the emotional support of the Painters crew. I am a 6 year old Border Collie and Rotweiler mix. My Mom and clients say that I am100% pure love, affection, and fun! If you don't mind me around, I love to come to jobsites and keep an eye on the crew and be the first to have a look at your project.



Allow me to introduce myself as Celine, your dedicated ally and indispensable assistant in the realm of professional cleaning. With an impressive tenure of over a decade, I have amassed a wealth of experience in both commercial and residential cleaning domains. Rest assured that when entrusted with the task of making your space shine, I approach it with unwavering commitment and a meticulous attention to detail.Beyond my role in creating immaculate environments, I also contribute my expertise to the LPainters division of our esteemed company.

As a multitasking virtuoso, you can often find me seamlessly transitioning between tasks such as taping, prepping, painting, and diligently managing clean-up duties. Moreover, I possess an extensive background in the vibrant world of color, having previously worked at a local paint store. This invaluable experience has nurtured my discerning eye for shades and hues, enabling me to provide insightful guidance on colors, products, and project execution.Passionately driven by artistry, I firmly believe that every endeavor fueled by determination and ambition can be achieved. Embracing the timeless wisdom of Yoda, who once said, "Do. Or do not. There is no try," I am committed to infusing your space with vibrancy and breathing new life into it. Should you have any inquiries regarding colors, products, or project specifics, I wholeheartedly encourage you to seek my guidance.

Your satisfaction is my paramount objective, and I am dedicated to transforming your vision into a tangible reality.In summary, let me extend my heartfelt invitation to embark on a transformative journey together. By collaborating with me, you can be assured of a personalized and charismatic approach to enhancing your space, as well as an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Let us embark on this creative endeavor, allowing me to infuse your surroundings with colors that reflect your unique personality and grant your space a refreshing ambiance.Thank you for considering my expertise, and I look forward to the opportunity of assisting you in coloring your world.

Clean regards,

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